While large, global enterprises have optimized the cost of application and infrastructure management by developing globally distributed operations in low-cost geographies, many small and medium  businesses still find it a challenge to bring Applications and Infrastructure to a Managed State and to Optimize  IT strategy and costs.

Our Application Management Services (AMS) caters to small and medium enterprises that require maintenance of  existing home grown applications and require new Applications to be built.Through a set of Engagement, Knowledge Transition and Support Processes, Nexia AMS  brings Applications and Environments to a managed state and improves availability,security and extensibility. The NAMS manages end to end life cycle of Applications either by transitioning and maintaining steady state of operations or  by building Applications first and maintaining them for respective life cycles.

Service Deliverables   

  • Application Requirements Due Diligence
  • Proposal for Engagement
  • Application Development
  • User Acceptance testing and Sign-off
  • Application Delivery and Support