Success is a RELATIVE concept...

DNSOLOGY was created with just a single goal in our minds – to supply a high–quality website hosting service that all our friends are able to use. We’ve developed a different, virus–free cloud hosting platform where the typical uptime is at least 99.9%. Having a very good Web Control Panel helps quite a bit. We utilize the user–friendly Web Control Panel – it’s a lot quicker, more intuitive and even more lightweight in comparison with other Control Panel solutions. And then it comes set with heaps of cost–free bonuses that can make site management as easy as pie.

With our innovative website hosting plans, we at DNSOLOGY, give you the chance to accomplish it. As a result of our systematic hard work and long–lasting cooperation with the leading domain registries, we offer an extensive array of inexpensively priced website hosting packages. As it is, every single hosting demand will be satisfied.

A Unique Cloud Hosting Platform...

Our cloud hosting platform differs from the rest that is found on the Internet. It is developed with the purpose to reside the cloud. We have as well made and integrated a distinctive internal network in all of our data centers, which is powered by enterprise-level hardware. Furthermore, we designed our own Web Control Panel and we made it perform just perfectly together with our cloud hosting platform, too.

If you transfer your domain to us, we will add a year to its expiry date.

To even further boost the value of our website hosting packages, we provide you with over fifty different Top–Level Domains (TLDs) to choose from.