Our Mission

The Mission of Nexia Technologies is Create-Deploy-Improve development model...

The Create-Deploy-Improve model is used by our team in IT Infrastructure Management, Software Development, and related services...

Our Vision

The Vision of Nexia Technologies is to become Asia's largest IT-Services operator...

We will achieve this by being a collaborative partner to our customers and help them align their business and IT, and we will enable them to effectively and efficiently leverage on their technology investments...

Corporate Profile

Nexia Technologies [formerly Quiescent] was founded in 2008 and we have come a long way...

Nexia Technologies is comprised of the following business units;

  2. P3CORE Advanced Solutions
  3. Synapse Online Services
  4. Webology
  5. Jet-IO Networks

At Nexia, we bring you proven expertise in comprehensive infrastructure management services enabling you to not only cut costs but also perk up your service levels and expand your reach. Inspired by simplicity, we have nurtured our process and delivery methodology to make our NOC the global epicenter of 'delivery and performance' excellence.

Nexia is managed by a team of highly erudite personnel with over 10 years of combined experience in Telecom, System Integration & IT services. This team have merged together to make Nexia a globally renowned IMS services provider with a difference. Nexia would deliver services to customer with quantifiable returns.

Nexia Infrastructure Management Services provides a flexible and affordable suite of services which help our customers to monitor and manage their infrastructure more efficiently and cost-effectively either on site or from a Nexia facility. Nexia offers focused solutions in core infrastructure areas and leverages its proven IT infrastructure assessment tool and methodologies to design solutions that are closely aligned to the client's business strategy.

Nexia success has been supported by the strong partner with the world's leading technology companies.

The alliance has aided us keeping abreast with the latest developments in the industry.